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Strengthen Your Gym’s Social Media Strategy This Fall

Follow these social media content strategies to bring in new customers this season

Internet Marketing NG Follow June 10, 2019

By: Samantha Koontz, Content Editor

As green leaves turn golden, school bells chime to announce a new semester, and your favorite team tightens their laces for kick-off, we can only assume one thing: Summer is turning into fall. For small business owners, this means the time is right to grab the attention of new customers and strengthen your relationships with your loyal fans.

As summer winds down and people are adjusting their fitness goals this fall, your gym has the opportunity to bring in some fresh faces. Traditionally, gym memberships slow down after the first quarter of the year, with only 8.3 percent of members joining in each of the autumn months compared to 12 percent in January. However, with the right strategy, you can show potential customers that a visit to your gym or studio is something they will fall for this season.

With these three content tips at the ready, you can deepen relationships with your online community to make your customer base stronger than ever:

1. Show off your specials

If your gym has a special or discount running, now’s the time to shout it from the rooftops.Fifty-seven percent of consumerswill make a first-time purchase if they can take advantage of a special, so whether you’re offering student discounts on new memberships, a BOGO special on Zumba classes, or a free two-week trial for personal training, let your audience know! They’ll be more likely to stop by and try out what you have to offer.

You might consider taking a tip from this gym, which put the important details of their special in a graphic:

2. Run a contest on Instagram

Contests are an incredibly effective and fun way to drum up excitement about your business. They’re so effective, in fact, that 94.2 percent of social media users admit that online contests influence their awareness of new businesses. By incentivizing users to tag a friend or share your post, you’re spreading the word about your gym quickly and getting the chance to reward a few lucky participants. So, next time you’re planning out your content, throw a contest into the mix! A little healthy competition is good for your pages.

This gym decided to do a giveaway for their contest — the winner and their BFF received a bundle of their performance wear. Here’s how they advertised the contest on Instagram:

3. Highlight your team members

Sometimes, trying out a new gym can be intimidating, especially if you’re taking the first steps by yourself. Featuring your team members on your social pages is a subtle way to extend a virtual handshake and show potential customers some of the friendly faces they might run into at your gym.

Below, you’ll see how one gym used an image of their teammates on Twitter to show off the welcoming, family-like atmosphere they’re proud to show off.

Turning over a new leaf isn’t always easy, but with these social media content strategies, you’ll be able to take advantage of the post-summer slowdown to bring new customers and get them achieving their fitness goals with your gym or studio.

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